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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Alethea A. Yates, better known as Lee Yates, the Principal of AYA Training & Consulting.

In my former career I worked for more than 15 years as a software technical writer in a variety of companies, large and small. Working with computer programmers and other highly trained technicians, I translated their complex language into plain, understandable English. I wrote user's manuals, online help, "getting started" guides, and a wide range of other materials to help non-technical folks get the most out of their software.

When the high-tech bubble burst in 2001, I like so many others found myself needing not only a new job but a new career. The answer came shortly after I began volunteering at my local historical society. I soon found myself working in the museum industry - and loving it!

One thing led to another. Within a short time I was working at a combination of part-time jobs with two historical societies and a historic house museum. All three were using PastPerfect museum software. With my technical background, I soon became proficient and able to coach co-workers and advise managers to help them achieve success with PastPerfect.

Through AYA Training & Consulting, I'm now helping others in the museum industry to get the most out of their PastPerfect software. Let me show you how I can help you. Please contact me for a free consultation.


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