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Testimonials from our customers

Here are some of our customers' comments from after-class evaluation forms. (Names are used only with permission.)

We asked: How well did the course meet your expectations?

"I feel I've acquired more knowledge re: PastPerfect in one day than I ever thought possible."

"Excellent. A great teacher."

"Perfect!" - Donna Keenan

"Far surpassed expectations"

"Excellent!" - Rhonda Brophy

"Really learned a lot."

"Quite well. A focused overview of the major functions we are about to implement." - Skip Hubbard

"Very well. Got all my questions answered and many tips I hadn't thought of." - Carolyn Allen

"Wonderful, complete, covered all materials necessary." - Barb Mateson

"It will give me a great start!"

"Great intro to program"

"Very well - got to the heart of the matter"

"It exceeded expectations. I am feeling much more confident regarding PastPerfect." - Bob Stone

We asked: What was the most helpful part of the course?

"Being able to ask questions throughout the workshop"

"Being able to follow along on my computer. Lots of good examples." - Linda Gillon

"Hands-on aspect, using the sample program. Question/answer during the training. Immediate help when 'lost' during session." - Irene Hawes

"1. Presenter's manner - non-intimidating, helpful. 2. Workbook" - Jeanne Edwards

“Hands on. Free questioning”

"The training manual"

"The step-by-step approach"

"Learned something new in each portion." - Richard Hanson

"Trainer's ability to communicate with novices." - Rachael Martin

"The booklet handbook, which enforced the very well-done presentation"

"The booklet was very helpful - [it will] help me remember things much better"

We asked: Would you recommend this course to colleagues?

"Absolutely" "Absolutely!" "Definitely!"

"Absolutely! A wonderful help for new and 'experienced' archivists alike"

We asked: Any additional comments?

"I wish I had had this course three years ago… Lots of helpful information to make my job easier and of better quality"

"Thank you so much. This was very comprehensive and easy to understand." - Donna Keenan

"Lee is a very good teacher. I learned a lot even though I am very familiar with PastPerfect." - Marie O'Brien

"Lee was terrific - very organized and thorough. Willing to answer questions and offer additional info." - Kathy DiPhilippo

"Enjoyable and informative"

"Terrific – very organized and thorough"

“Very clear and easy-to-follow presentation.” - Cynthia Garrells

"I learned a lot even though I am very familiar with PastPerfect"

"Thoroughly enjoyable"

"It exceeded expectations. I am feeling more confident regarding PastPerfect"

"Far surpassed expectations"

"Excellent – a great teacher"

"Anybody who is going to use this software should take this training" - Ron Sarro

"Alethea [the instructor] is very patient & helpful!"

"Beyond expectations"

"Much better and clearer than I expected"

"I like that you gave extra time for discussion after the workshop." - Barb Mateson

"Thank you for your accessibility & openness to questions & problem solving"

"Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher"

"Valuable program - very worthwhile! Thank you"

"Why didn't we have this when we first got PastPerfect?" - Carol Miles

"Thanks. What a great start!"



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